Traditionally, IT outsourcing is solely associated with cost reduction.
However, the IT intelligent organisations now use outsourcing as a vector for transforming their IT ecosystem to improve their performance, as well as to enable them to focus on their core business.
Outsourcing consists of entrusting a specialized external service provider with the complete or partial management of its IT infrastructure.
We offer companies a customized outsourced IT service at a controlled cost.

We take care of your everyday IT tasks such as managing, maintaining and supporting users but also managing IT projects within your business.

We ensure your business is evolving in pace with the latest technological advances. Allowing your IT infrastructure to help your business be more efficient and enable growth.

Our advantages :

Outsourcing your IT services with Macinwork offers certain advantages for your business:

  • Reduced tasks and IT costs
  • Increased performance of your employees, assisted by operational IT equipment and both on site and remote support
  • Increased security of your network, guaranteeing an efficient and secure services to your customers
  • 24/7 Support
  • On-Demand Competencies

Our solutions :

Outsourcing with Macinwork is:

Management of your infrastructure

  • Support and management of your IT assets
  • Support for users
  • On-site and / or remote response
  • Monitoring and regular IT equipment health checks 
  • Upgrading or replacing legacy systems in order to keep up with the new technology
  • Recovery plan
  • End-to-end management of all IT projects




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